Welcome - we are The Talent Liberation Company. We specialise in Career change and retraining and Employee engagement. We create bespoke programmes to unlock potential in individuals and within companies. We are strategic yet practical and equip our clients with the insights, tools and steps needed to achieve their objectives fast.  Energise is based in Charlbury, near Oxford in the heart of England and on the Great Malvern train line, so accessible to Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham and the Midlands, Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, Slough, Reading and West London.

We help professionals with career change and retraining for a new career, including becoming self employed via group workshops and individual coaching. We help you better market and differentiate yourself, identify your transferable skills, work smarter and design better work life balance.  Because we also work with companies and do research, we share valuable work and career trends.

  • Female professionals who dislike self promotion
  • 40+ mid lifers experiencing ageism
  • Professionals needing to differentiate themselves better in competitive sectors  
  • New career retraining because of jobs shortage
  • Individuals seeking more meaningful work

We help companies with how to increase employee motivation and to develop an employee engagement strategy, creating a strong employer brand. We maximise productivity and profit through your human capital - to make the most of what you already have in place. We do research e.g. audits, consultancy, coaching, mentoring and workshops. Through our coaching work with individuals, we share insights about what disengages employees, saving you costly mistakes.  Our clients are companies and law firms needing to motivate their employees to market themselves and equip line managers with employee engagement principles. We use a flexible associate model and handpicked talent we know and trust.