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Here’s 20 reasons why we can help your business and support you in your talent initiatives:

  • Thinks strategically – a wide angle zoom lens brain to create integrated practical strategies and plans, considering all perspectives
  • Keeps up to date with research, work trends and employee needs
  • Lynchpin between HR, line managers, Marketing, the Board and employees, talking all languages
  • Insights from coaching individuals doing life, career and executive coaching to enable you to attract, engage and develop talent in a targeted way
  • Enable, think and do; coaching, mentoring, research and consultancy
  • Begin with a needs led approach, starting with insights from the target audience(s)
  • Develop plans for long term success to attract talent
  • Authentic – invested in own self awareness and continual personal and professional development
  • Shares knowledge and tools to be used and retained in the business
  • Compiles data to help you with commercial sell in and justification and supports you with internal communication
  • Branding, marketing, research, strategy and coaching and mentoring skills - an ideal combination for talent management
  • Bespoke strategic yet targeted approach
  • Honest – know what we are good at and recommend trusted associates for the bits we don’t specialise in
  • Trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); help increase self awareness and behavioural flexibility and overcome resistance to change
  • Good at seeing connections and coming up with simple insight led ideas
  • We have worked in diverse roles and sectors so can share new perspectives/ideas applied laterally
  • We love mining insights from qualitative and quantitative data and research to shape your strategy
  • We help you to market yourself in the process of working together
  • We can brief and liase with external agencies, research and communication as this is part of our background
  • We are energising!

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