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We read widely so you don’t have to, which is one of the benefits of using Energise. If you would like to look yourself, then browse away. 

This section has useful links by topic with a brief description after each link of what you’ll find if you were to click on the link. If you find any broken links, please let us know. Thanks!

There are links below for:

- Conferences and forums on talent management, employee engagement and employee branding

- Books 

- Magazines 

- On line communities

Conferences, forums and events re talent/HR

CIPD Forums


The CIPD do a number of forums, which share data, case studies, are great for networking and are great value. See link below for more information:


CIPD events by region

This link takes you to details of CIPD events by region.

One day conference on Talent Management, London 18 March 2010

Osney Media Employee engagement conference, London 22-23 September 2010

November 2010 annual CIPD National Conference, Manchester


Talent Management Handbook LINK

This book explains how organisations can identify and hold onto their most valued employees, but also how to get the most out of "high-potential people" by developing them and promoting them to key positions.
The Essential Guide to Managing Talent: How Top Companies Recruit, Train and Retain the Best Employees LINK

The authors identify practical steps to help your organisation create a place where every individual can give their best.
The War for Talent LINK

The definitive guide to attracting, developing, and retaining top talent to drive performance.

Talent Management and Succession Planning Toolkit CIPD


This toolkit provides the capability to carry out the necessary planning and analysis to find, develop and retain talent. All tools are also provided online


On-line magazine about talent management  LINK

On line communities


The IDeA has launched a talent management community of practice (CoP) and it now has more than 400 members. Its aim is to help human resource specialists, service managers and chief executives to easily find and connect with others who are looking for solutions to talent management issues

This is a networking club which covers Talent management

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