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The Energise Human Capital bulletin with insights and tips for you to liberate your talent.  To Opt in, please use the link below.

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Employee Stagnation



Employee Ambition

Managed Exits

Time for Change

Employee Bonding

Career Conversations:

Re-engaging the Disengaged:

Meaning at work for talent:

Engaging internal communication:

Line Managers managing talent:


Coaching style of management:


Handling redundancy well:


Difficult conversations:


Countdown to talent drain:



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We also do bulletins each month on these three themes:


  • Smart living and working
  • Self promotion
  • Career strategies

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About Energise


Energise helps organisations and individuals liberate talent. We are The Talent Liberation Company and help give you the edge in challenging and competitive environments. We have the skills, experience and insights to unlock potential and offer an inspiring approach to bring about positive change.


We have been established for over 13 years and are practical and results focused giving our clients the tools, confidence and knowledge to succeed. We specialise in career change, working smarter and talent management and employee engagement.


Inspiring quote


"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire" William Shakespeare.




"Coaching works and Rachel's got what it takes." Peter Cornell, Former Managing Partner, Clifford Chance


"Very informative and enlightening. The predominant focus is to 'think outside the box' which greatly differs from most career consultant advice". Kelly Overden


"Her ability to build rapport and confidence with people from a range of different professional disciplines is a valuable and rare skill. It's great to know that she's there to help my organisation and myself to make the most of who we are and what we can do." Judith Foss, Group Head of Human Resources and Diversity, Catalyst Housing Group


"Rachel makes me think differently with fresh and challenging perspectives on the way I work." Ian Wright, Corporate Relations Director, Diageo plc


"Rachel has helped me to stay on track, championing me, celebrating the successes and helping me to believe that my vision was possible, plus identifying ways around the inevitable obstacles that have been in my path."
Duncan Goose


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