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Welcome! We are The Talent Liberation Company.


We create bespoke programs to unlock the potential of your talent. 

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For a free article 'Brain drain danger', about the dangers of losing talent post downturn,  click on the free download button below.

We work with clients experiencing a shortage of talent in their field and wanting to prevent 'talent brain drain'. They find it hard to attract the talent they need to achieve their future business vision and want to put a stop to expensive ‘quick fixes’ e.g. more recruitment and to get to the root of the problem. We help them identify insights and then make targeted changes to attract, engage and develop the right talent for their long-term success.


“Rachel has worked with us on both a one-to-one and a team basis successfully. Her ability to balance both the organisational needs with that of the individuals is key. Positive outcomes are also achieved through building a good rapport with customer and stakeholders alike, and proactive follow-through with regards to communication on progress and re-checking on priorities as appropriate. Also valuable is helping the client to take accountability and action themselves.”

Ruth Altman, Director of HR & Development, Cranfield University


‘It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide on what to do’
Elbert Hubbard


Often companies are unclear about which talent is needed to deliver the future vision, or the employer brand hasn’t been clearly defined, or working practices are out of date and unappealing to younger employees. They know they need to address the problem and fast to prevent talent drain, but lack time and the specialist expertise to make it happen. 

Energise specialise in an integrated strategic yet targeted approach to attract, engage and develop the talent you need to grow your company ong term. The employer brand and insights about the needs of the target audiences are at the heart of what we do. We apply a seamless approach and connect all parts of your organisation; the Board, HR, Marketing, line managers and employees. 

We get to the bottom of the issue, starting with analysing data and speaking to key people. We bring new insights and fresh clarity to inform decision-making and change. We share simple and cost effective ways to target talent and engage and develop the people you want to keep. We also help you to implement the changes, using internal resources as much as possible.  We only work with one company in each sector, so you have exclusivity over our input and knowledge, ensuring you attract the best talent ahead of your competitors.


We focus on 3 key aspects of talent management, in an integrated way.

  • Attract – via defining a differentiated and compelling employer brand
  • Engage – by optimising the employee experience and job design
  • Develop – the employee proposition including learning and career development and new career challenges

We act as a lynchpin connecting the different parts of your organisation, reducing silos and bringing objectivity and expertise.  We help to overcome the actual and perceived blocks to progress and share unique insights about the fears and aspirations of your talent, from our extensive work coaching individuals.

We have over 23 years' experience overall, with Energise an established company set up over 13 years ago. Our clients include Cranfield University, Diageo, Allergan Pharmaceuticals and Clifford Chance.

We help to make our clients the leading employer of choice in their sector, so they attract the best talent, resulting in substantial and lasting improvements in their business performance.

We are The Talent Liberation Company.

Too many short term pressures to think about future concerns? Think people will stay in their jobs for security? Read on.

Is talent really a priority with budgetary pressures in a downturn?

A global talent shortage and increasingly competitive markets makes talent a no 1 priority for CEOs around the world. A strong employer brand to attract talent is no longer an optional extra. Failure to define and understand specific talent target audiences and surpass their needs could cause a serious and costly talent drain. The world is changing fast and new competences are needed such as 'emotional resilience' and the ability to 'embrace uncertainty'.     

Failure to keep your current talent happy and also make attracting, engaging and developing talent with a worldwide talent shortage a business priority means:

  • Lost customers
  • Lost opportunities
  • Wasted budgets
  • Decreased pool for succession planning.
  • Competitive advantage lost when job leavers join competitors.
  • Increased workload/stress of remaining employees
  • ‘Fire fighting’ and non-strategic thinking due to current employees being spread thinly
  • Weakened employer brand
  • Loss of brainpower on which your competitive advantage depends
  • Drain of management time on recruitment; screening CVs, interviewing etc
  • Lost management time for inductions
  • Wasted management time for training/coaching
  • Lost productivity while replacement recruit get up to speed

Things your company can ill afford with less people doing more work and pressure on budgets. Placing energising talent at the heart of your business strategy is the key to your sustained competitive advantage in a knowledge economy.


“Rachel had great attention to detail and desire to learn how and why people do the things they do. Since our time working together at Northern Foods, Rachel has always been ready to help with contacts and straight talking advice. Her intense focus means she is really effective at helping people keep on track, but in a gentle way! She is never afraid to tell you how she sees it, and you know she always has your best interests at heart, because she really cares.”

Martin Silcock, Nokia


For a free article 'Brain drain danger', about the dangers of losing talent post downturn,  click on the free download button below.

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