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You are responsible for driving the company’s growth, but do you ever:

  • Get frustrated that proposed people initiatives aren’t always backed up with a business case and data? 
  • Feel isolated and under pressure to deliver and lacking support to achieve good results? 
  • Feel a conflict between supporting fast progression of rising talent yet a desire to protect your own position? 
  • Want to develop your own leadership style but not feel sure how to? 
  • Feel more comfortable with the ‘thinking and doing’ than the ‘engaging people’ aspects of your role? 
  • Find it hard to delegate to create the change you know needs to happen? 
  • Get frustrated by what can seem like a less committed approach of the younger generations compared to yourself? 

Energise act as your confidential and strategic sounding board, and support you in creating a talent strategy that all your team buy in to. We can share trends, insights and data to help you to understand why talent is a no 1 priority and how to tackle it. We also act as lynchpin for all key depts. to make the strategy happen in reality.

"No-one ever promised that the fastest horse in the race was the easiest one to ride"

Eric J. Joiner Jr

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