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You are a vital part of the company, responsible for managing and motivating talent, but do you ever:

  • Wish you had more time and knew ways to work smarter rather than harder?
  • Sometimes feel frustrated and your position threatened when prioritising talent? 
  • Feel like ‘piggy in the middle’, caught between the Board and employees and trying to please both? 
  • Wish you didn’t have to do the increasing amount of ‘people management stuff’ and just do the work you love?
  • Get frustrated about not being consulted by HR or the Board or given training/mentoring about people initiatives you have to implement? 
  • Wish you had a better work life balance and more time to think?  
  • Feel uncomfortable tackling difficult people and difficult situations e.g. feedback about poor performance?


"People join companies and leave managers." Anon

 Energise help share insights about how you can work smarter; to better motivate and engage talent and liase with the Board and HR to meet key objectives.

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