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We help you to evolve strategies to ensure your employer brand is attractive to talent and you engage your talent from when they join to when they leave, or hopefully don’t! Work strategies including flexible working, job redesign, well-being etc. One work strategy which is growing in use and importance is for line managers to use a 'coaching style of management' instead of a directive approach.   

Coaching style of management for line managers

Creating a coaching culture is one of the key growth trends through the downturn – vital to achieve more productivity from less employees. Empowering employees to think through their own challenges by adopting a coaching rather than directive style of communication is critical to achieve more productivity and better performance, unlocking potential.

Your employees after all are the key to your company’s competitive advantage, especially in a knowledge economy and with a talent and skills shortage.  Benefits of adopting a coaching style of communication include; more motivated and proactive employees, more time for line managers to think strategically and greater employee engagement.  Outcomes include; awareness of coaching concepts and models; practical experience in a safe environment and tips and tools to start.

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