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Our insights and research about employees’ needs and wants enable us to define a clear employee experience that reflects and builds your employee brand.  Employee engagement is a key part of creating a good employee experience, ensuring that they want to stay and feel motivated to work hard and be proactive, going that extra mile. Employee engagement is the hot topic and crucial to release discretionary effort, much needed by companies with less people doing more work. 

Many companies think that doing 'an employee engagement' survey is doing employee engagement, but doing one with no follow up can actually disengage employees with their expectations of change raised. 

Energise employee engagement programme starts with a briefing to find out your needs and see what information is already available so we make the most of and build upon what you already have in place. We create a tailor made programme for each client and use methodologies such as action learning sets to leverage the talents internally to create responsibility and accountability for increasing employee engagement.      

"Line managers guide to managing talent"

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