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We help you to work smarter rather than harder. We share many useful tools and models for you to improve time management and prioritise better. Smart working is one of our core competencies and we have created many articles, tools, templates and tips to help our clients live and work smart. 'Smart living and working' is one of the 4 topics of our monthly Energise bulletins.

Below are details of a workshop that enables your employees to work smarter.

High performance working for employees

Do you have a nagging doubt that there is lost productivity and a lack of discretionary effort amongst some employees? Are your employees steaming along in 5th gear and delivering 120%+ or cruising in 2nd gear, giving just 70% or less?  Underperformance is unwelcome in boom times, but in challenging times it can mean the difference between the survival of your business and its disappearance. 

The key to achieving better performance is aligning employees’ goals with the organisation’s and engaging employees to address business and team challenges by playing to their strengths and values, so personal and professional growth is realised alongside business growth. Outcomes include; awareness of the factors creating high performance working; insights about your personal skills, values and motivation and practical tips and tools. 

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