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There are no shortage of work challenges in our modern business world!

We help you to address the challenges that you are experiencing and want to overcome, for example how to deal with difficult people, learning to delegate and manage direct reports for the first time or how to think strategically following promotion. We start with your brief and tailor the coaching to your need and timeframe.

We also do a group coaching workshop on how to have difficult conversations - see below.

‘Difficult’ conversations for line managers

How do you deal with employees who are underperforming, have issues that are affecting their behaviour at work, or are in conflict with a colleague? What do you say when you need to make an employee redundant? It is human nature to avoid difficult conversations, but having them rather than avoiding them is essential for better performance management. 

Handling conversations well increases employee engagement and positively impacts on profit. Outcomes include; practical experience of having difficult conversations; tips on how to prepare; awareness of the impact of your mindset on the outcome and clarity on how a well thought out and executed conversation creates a ‘win-win’ situation, so the employee comes away feeling valued, validated and motivated. 

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