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It's easy not to bother doing individual in depth interviews, especially with budgets under pressure, but this can miss a trick that could give you valuable competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Getting a trained external person to ask some well crafted questions not only creates some useful insights, it also makes your employees feel special with the personal attention they get, something that is vital for employee engagement and with external interviews builds your employer brand. You'd be amazed about what useful information is elicited in a confidential setting by asking the right questions, which when collated across a sample of interviews, helps companies to make informed wise decisions.    

Asking incisive questions is one of our core competencies and in addition, our Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training means that we are skilled at picking up alot of useful additional information from body language and what isn't being said as well as how it is being expressed, giving great added value.   

We can conduct 121 interviews face to face and also on the telephone.

For talent management and employee engagement, interviews are useful in these contexts:

  • Exit interviews – honest feedback to reduce future talent drain
  • Key stakeholders e.g. Board, HR, Line managers to identify key issues
  • New recruits and their impression of the employee experience
  • Non-joiners that you wanted to recruit but who went elsewhere
  • Current employees to take the temperature re the level of engagement/disengagement
  • Target talent to find out what they are looking for and how they perceive your employer brand
  • Recruitment agencies to elicit their perceptions and experience of your company and competitors

121 interviews result in robust deep insights about your employer brand experience, the candidate recruitment experience and how to improve it. We also highlight perception gaps between different groups in your company e.g. managers and employees.  

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For more information about how interviews can help you keep your finger on the pulse, please call us on 0845 22 55 010 or e mail us from the Contact page.


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