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Step by step integrated insight led process

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Below is the broad process that we follow. Some clients do some steps of the process and others do all steps. We tailor our approach to your needs and budget, focusing first on understanding and leveraging what you already have in place; information, knowledge, skills and ideas. 

Step 1: Set up
Clarify outcomes
Understand/clarify needs
Define success criteria
Agree timings and milestones
Finalise budgets
Clarify stakeholder motivations and gain buy-in
Pinpoint possible project sabotage factors
Agree project sponsor
Discuss internal communication for project


Step 2: Where are we and why are we there?
Understand business, brand and marketing strategies
Audit employer brand
Interview key groups to identify perceptions and perception gaps

  • Board 
  • HR
  • Managers 
  • Employees 

Review current communication strategy used to attract talent
Analyse key external trends and internal factors
Analyse existing people quantitative data and qualitative research
Current talent audit
Audit current people policies and employer brand experience e.g. performance appraisal, induction etc 
Identify and fill information gaps
Implement quick wins
S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis
P.E.S.T. (political, economic, social and technological trends, factors and challenges)


Step 3: Where could we be?
Define priorities
Understand/compare needs and wants of employees and employer and any conflicts e.g. flexible working
Review external trends and best practice
Define employer brand, values, vital behaviours and competencies and target talent
Involve key stakeholders in creating vision/change 
Translate business strategy into talent needs
Create compelling SMART goals
Talent segmentation 


Step 4: How could we get there?
Implement quick wins
Understand role for communication during employment lifecycle
Stakeholder workshops – idea generation
Internal task teams and sponsors – make priority projects happen
Evolve people policies; performance management, recruitment, talent etc
Implement learning and development for key talent 
Enhance employer brand experience at key touch points
Evolve internal communication strategies – what, when, how and by whom
Agree talent priority group 
Define talent competencies and behaviours and include them in recruitment and performance appraisal
Form an action learning set to maintain momentum
Create step-by-step plans with clear actions


Step 5: How do we know we’ve succeeded?
Analysis and tracking of key business and people measures

  • staff turnover
  • staff engagement
  • sickness/absence 
  • posts filled internally 
  • posts filled externally 
  • prospective applications
  • staff candidate referrals

Employee and engagement survey
Employee satisfaction survey


Step 6: What can we learn and apply from what we have done?
Reflect on learnings
Review approach
Embed learning
Share tools and knowledge 
How to build on success
Identify next steps e.g. talent I.T. software for HR/managers to free up time and track talent 
Appoint internal employer brand ambassadors  

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