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Energise are unique because…

We have over 23 years’ experience to help you create a compelling and distinctive employer brand and communicate it impactfully and consistently, internally and externally.

Our two decades of experience is comprised of:

  • Marketing – understanding trends, your brand, segmented your talent target audiences and identifying needs gives you a strong starting point  
  • Insight mining – analysis of qualitative and quantitative people data gives you insights, clear benchmarks and informs decision making. In 2008 we spent 6 months investing in updating our intellectual property, CPD and knowledge (unpaid) to make us even more useful for you.
  • Brand strategy and integrated communication - helps you create a compelling and differentiated employer brand
  • Idea generation - gives you engaging insight led simple and cost effective ideas to build the employee brand experience 
  • Coaching – insights about what employees want creates motivating targeted propositions to appeal to your target talent 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)  – insights about different people and what makes them tick enables you to increase productivity and performance 
  • Our ‘wide angle zoom lens’ approach – creating connections to join up all the key insights into an integrated strategy, minimising silos

This combined 23+ years experience and ability to hit the ground running and get on with diverse audiences from CEO through to PA level, enables your company to attract, engage, develop and keep the talent you need and want for a profitable future.

We start by analysing existing data and research and doing relevant research to find out what’s going on – making the most of what you have already in place.

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